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At Yzer Roads, our innovative road construction methodology involves the use of inert, environmentally friendly elements while significantly simplifying logistics since it does not require costly transportation of materials or portable asphalt plants. Partner with us for your next contract and see how you can build more roads on your budget, while using sustainable materials and technologies and reducing maintenance costs.

Simply put, the reduction of logistics not only saves the planet – it saves your wallet too. According to our research in a varied range of settings, our contractors can build physically comparable roads for nearly half the price, while improving their margins.

Pioneering construction of climate-resilient roads

Roads are often damaged by water flow, climate, unstable soil conditions and poor compaction process. Due to climate change, unpredictable and extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common, including heavy downpours, heat waves and floods, necessitating the development and use of climate-resistant materials for road construction.

Traditional road construction is unfit for such extreme weather events, since porosity of construction materials allows water to enter the substrate, degrading the quality and strength of the surface layer and washing away the base substrate. Water flow due to heavy rains can destroy roads in a matter of months, leading to collapse of critical roadways and infrastructure in extreme weather environments.

Using our innovative Yzer Road 2.0 nanotechnology, we have created road construction materials with iron particles which fill the porous voids of road construction material and act as binding agents. As a result, our roads are virtually impermeable to water and climate resistant. Moreover, our road construction materials are also impermeable to dust, and can benefit communities located close to resource extraction regions with large amount of commercial hauling traffic.

Our commitment to quality

Yzer Roads is pioneering construction of cost-effective, durable and sustainable roads for a better future. Compared to traditional asphalt roads, our roads built with innovative Yzer Roads 2.0 Technology and local in situ deposits are:

  • • Impermeable to water
  • • Stronger, with compressive strength up to 300 times higher than asphalt roads
  • • More durable with lower cost of maintenance 4.
  • • Climate resistant and able to withstand extreme weather events
  • • Environmentally friendly