"Road Construction Will Never Be The Same Again"

A single drop of oil can contaminate one million drops of water

Most of the world’s roads are still paved with bitumen, an oil derivative that generates harmful emissions, polluting our planet’s water and the atmosphere. By 2050, three million kilometres of additional roads are projected to be constructed globally. Are we prepared to continue using an outdated and poisonous form of road construction? We must take action now and implement sustainable solutions to prevent irreversible damage to the environment.
At Yzer Roads, our vision is to change the way we view infrastructure development. Using a combination of in situ materials and our proprietary and proven nano formula, we have created an effective solution to create sustainable, Earth-friendly roads.
Our roads are stronger, cleaner and less expensive than traditional concrete or asphalt roads.


Yzer Economies Bring People Together

At Yzer Roads, we provide our services to both developing and developed nations, working closely with governments and corporations to provide unique environmental, social and economic solutions to typical road construction processes.
Using our Yzer approach, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production phase by up to 80% compared to typical asphalt construction.
“The revolution in transportation has more to do with how we build roads and less to do with the mode of transport. If we can economically connect remote or isolated communities, we provide a corridor for movement of goods, education of children and health care for families”
Andre Voskuil, CEO of NTI Nanotechnology.



Using our innovative technology, it is now possible to:

  • • Build twice as many roads on the same budget
  • • Accelerate economic development by connecting communities with reliable roads
  • • Save millions of dollars on the cost of road maintenance
  • • Implement climate-resilient and durable roads in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres
  • • Yzer Roads has the answer to help your road construction budget travel further
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For the past three years, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report has consistently identified climate change as the most serious threat for global business and industry.
Climate change experts agree – we must act now to avoid catastrophic and irreversible climate change.

With Yzer Roads, you can build roads that:

  • • Reduce the use of petroleum-based products, reducing resource depletion
  • • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions released during construction by up to 80%
  • • Decrease harmful emission and pollution because they are constructed using inert materials
  • • Simplify the logistics of the construction process, further reducing use of resources and greenhouse gas emissions
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Yzer Roads can help you pave the way towards a sustainable future.



In many regions of the world, lack of access to basic services such as healthcare and education pose serious barriers to social progress and development.
Yzer Roads can help to strategically connect isolated communities by building cost-effective, environmentally friendly and durable roads to improve infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

Imagine helping remote communities gain access to:

  • • Economic opportunities
  • • Educational opportunities
  • • Health care and social support systems
  • • Food transportation
  • • Technologies that were previously unavailable
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Yzer Roads can assist you in successfully implementing your development strategy on a reduced budget.

10000 miles of roads

More than 10,000 miles of roads are under contract

10 countries

We are working with 10 countries around the world

GHG Reduction

At completion of the current projects we will have reduced carbon emissions from road construction by approximately 47 million tonnes